Rings of Anubis...set in an alternate 19th century, featuring a great female protagonist, a wolfy hero, adventure, archaeology, fantasy, mystery and romance. It is deliciously fun.

Ana Grilo - Kirkus

Folley & Mallory

Archaeologist Eleanor Folley has long sought to solve the mystery of her mother’s disappearance — no matter where the questions may take her. Her father insists Eleanor’s mother died that day in the Egyptian desert, but Eleanor knows stranger things are afoot.

The Adventures!

When the men found me in the sulfur-yellow waters of the nameless lake, some thought I was a mermaid. Ridiculous, Ambrose Kowal declared with a twitch of his impeccable mustache, for mermaids did not vacillate in sulfur, did not draw succor from the volcanic stench of the plague-ridden air. Indeed, my skin was not scaled and I possessed no tail; the men touched my legs, hands encircling my ankles before spreading me wide for study until I kicked out in protest and sent Nicholas to the crusted ground, the salt staining his otherwise fine suit for the rest of his days. Likewise, my hair was not crusted with precious jewels and did not drape my breasts as a second skin. It was only drenched with sulfur and salts, tangled with weeds, reeking of Hell's depths, Frederick said in a voice gone rough and hollow both, and wouldn't he know, for had they not listened to his own story of the black stars in the black sky just nine days before? They had, within Ambrose's own comfortable rooms. She was a queen, a queen of Carcosa, and would do, Frederick whispered and reached a hand for me.

She Will Be Raised a Queen - Cassilda's Song

As stories went, Exham Priory had housed the worst of the worst; the most depraved creatures had called those halls home and surely it could not be that which Edgar had found in the ground. It could not--and if it was? Oh, I could not deny the way my heart quickened at the mere idea. If I-- If we were to discover the ruins of Exham Priory and prove every single thing about the place true-- It couldn't be possible and yet I wanted it very much to be.

Lockbox - She Walks in Shadows