Rings of Anubis...set in an alternate 19th century, featuring a great female protagonist, a wolfy hero, adventure, archaeology, fantasy, mystery and romance. It is deliciously fun.

Ana Grilo - Kirkus

Folley & Mallory

Archaeologist Eleanor Folley has long sought to solve the mystery of her mother’s disappearance — no matter where the questions may take her. Her father insists Eleanor’s mother died that day in the Egyptian desert, but Eleanor knows stranger things are afoot.

The Adventures!

Jupiter, swollen. So orange against the black of space, so large as to almost occupy the entire window. Space is only a slim crescent along the planet’s brightening rim. I have worked on Galileo Station harvesting helium for twelve years, and the view never grows old; Jupiter never grows old with its ceaseless storms, new designs constantly wrought within its cloud layers. The red spot spun itself out in our sixth year, the storm succumbing to another that is the colors of Earth’s seas: teal and turquoise, indigo and lapis. Sometimes, when the sunlight angles across, the storm shines like a great opal, cracked with orange lightning.

Somewhere I Have Never Traveled (Third Sound Remix) - Clarkesworld Magazine

Gold brought the men to the mountains, invading the way ants will swarm upon a fallen morsel, crawling one over the other with little regard for the body on the bottom of the stack. The coming of men meant the coming of trains, and there is a joy in the recollection of their black iron stench even as much of what we had known was changed. They broke our quiet world with rail and axe, shining innards hauled to more distant shores.