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March 2018:

The Dark Magazine is running a Kickstarter to fund more fabulous fiction. I’m donating three fiction critiques, so if you’ve ever wanted me to tear up your words and dreams thoughtfully consider your story and craft, get in on this!

Along with Aidan Doyle and Rachael K. Jones, I’m editing the Sword & Sonnet anthology. This book will collect stories about battle poets! We received more than 200 submissions (!) and are going through them now to make the best book we possibly can. We’ve seen so many amazing things!

Just a teaser… Artwork by Vlada Monakhova

Apex is happy announce the acquisition of The Grand Tour by E. Catherine Tobler. The Grand Tour is a collection of nine of E. Catherine Tobler’s circus stories. The stories range in length from flash (500 words) to novelette (15K words), and cover a variety of times, locations, and characters, giving the reader a wide scope of the circus universe Tobler has created. The Grand Tour is slated to be released in early 2019.

In the meantime, if you’d like to dip your toes into E. Catherine Tobler’s circus universe, check out The Kraken Sea, which features Jackson, the ringleader of the circus, as a child, or read “The Three-tongued Mummy” from Apex Magazine issue 96.


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