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Multipass goes to Fhlostan Paradise

One! Night! Only!

Mondays are hard enough, yes? Especially after weekends full of Internet drama and hijinx. So, here’s your multipass to better things.

Artist Henrique Naspolini is rocking a fierce lady in some fierce armor. Is her Name Baby Cakes? Cracks me up!

Editor Silvia Moreno-Garcia wants to publish an anthology of Lovecraftian fiction written entirely by women, and I want to write a story for it, so, let’s fund She Walks in Shadows. This would be an awesome companion to the upcoming Women Destroy All Genres from the Lightspeed folks.

Ellen Page came out in recent days (always makes me think of bears emerging from hibernation and eating everything in their path). Won’t it be awesome when people can just be who they are and not have to worry about such things?

How do you prefer to store your magma? Here’s a very COOL piece about volcanoes.

This is kinda nuts, but: the Bible, eclipses, and omg NASA hiding information about BLOOD MOONS?!

We still have a long wait to see PLUTO from New Horizons, but I’m stoked, and hope you are, too.

Navigating the supermarket with your phone? Hmm. My store does one cool thing already: some of the cold cases stay dark until you trigger a motion sensor, which then lights them up. I wonder how much energy that actually saves. It’s pretty awesome, even if I can’t entirely sneak up on the ice cream now…


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  • A.C. Wise February 19, 2014, 1:27 pm

    I think the motion-triggered lights work the other way around; they’re so the ice cream can sneak up on you. You’re innocently walking through the store without a craving in the world world then, suddenly…ICE CREAM!

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