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Octoblerfest 2016


There is a ridiculous tradition on Twitter where, upon the arrival of Halloween month, nearly everyone changes their name to something spooky. Last year I realized my name had some built in awesome when it came to the month of October. How easy to make that Octobler, and thus another ridiculous tradition was born!

This year, however, Alexis Hunter surprised me with a wonderful thing. All month long, she’s doing giveaways for my books, and reviews of my works by her and others, and I am feeling foolishly happy over it.

Here’s what we’ve had so far:

My Octoblerfest offer to you: if you already own a copy of Rings of Anubis (you’re awesome) and would like a signed bookplate and some stickers, please drop me a note via my contact form here. I will happily make this happen. International readers are welcome!

Happy Octoblerfest to you and yours! Be sure to follow Alexis for all the happenings!




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