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The Honey Mummy

If you know anything about me, you should know one thing: I am not good at being patient. Waiting is the hardest thing. Not having a thing when you really want a thing? Clearly the worst!

Being an author who is often put in a position where they have to sit on Really Good News? Impossible! Thank goodness for the ability to squeal to friends in private, or climb up on the rooftop and yawp.

Look — I’ve made you wait two whole paragraphs for the brilliant news. When we last left Folley and Mallory, they’d wrangled with Anubis and Horus over some ancient bones in the catacombs of Paris. And now?

Things are about to get very sticky.


Art and design by Ravven

Alexandria, Egypt ~ December 1889

A mummy bound in honey.
An auction of archaic wonders.
An immortal link to the past.

Beneath the streets of Alexandria, Agent Cleo Barclay stumbled into a catacomb that changed her life. Her arms were taken, transfigured, and something remarkable was revealed — something that will stir an ancient life from the ashes of history.

A serpentine sarcophagus holds clues to Cleo’s past and future. She enlists Eleanor Folley and Virgil Mallory to collect the artifact at auction, to unravel its mysteries and her own. When the sarcophagus falls into the hands of an enigmatic Egyptologist, they find themselves participants in his diabolical pursuits.

Drawn to Alexandria by their friend — and the temptations of a newly discovered ring (oh Eleanor!) — Folley and Mallory will be challenged as never before.


You can pre-order THE HONEY MUMMY for your Kindle (at a discount!) and it will land there March 1st, ready for consumption! Amazon is being a trifle difficult with the trade paperback pre-order, but the trade paper book will absolutely be available March 1st (if the pre-order doesn’t miraculously appear before then — we have Egyptian gods on our side, or do we…).

If you are a book reviewer and would like an advance copy for review, please contact me. I’ll get you set up!

Writing this book was glorious fun. Airships and Egypt, wintry Paris and Anubis, friendships between ladies and gentlemen, tea parties, streaming meteorites, strange stone sarcophagi, mysterious rings, futures imperiled, and pasts never quite put to rest. Monsters made of air and shadows, bound into flesh and bone. I hope you love it! It’s going to be sweet.

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  • A.C. Wise February 2, 2016, 12:11 pm

    So excite! Want now! *grabby hands*

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