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The Indigo Mantis

Today, The Indigo Mantis kicks off The Book Smuggler’s Superhero Series. I am delighted to have a part in this adventure, and hope you’ll come by and read my inspirations behind the story, and the story itself!

Indi is on the trail of the insidious creature who killed her father — and is having some trouble accepting some things about her own nature, which might tie right in to who killed dear old dad… While she searches the mean streets, er branches, for the killer, she saves bugkind along the way, and tries not to fall in love with the dude she should rather be eating…

The Indigo Mantis looks like this:

by Melanie Cook

But, there are also blue mantises that look like this and each one makes me squee:

3BOB1 tumblr_meaccnvUbd1rkqb12o2_500 tumblr_nuea8oL7R91u38l26o2_500 tumblr_nuea8oL7R91u38l26o9_500

Enchanting, no? You might even say, super!

So please hop over to The Book Smugglers for more mantis goodies (and of course to read the story!), and be sure to come back over the course of the summer, as they unleash more superheroes on the world! Authors Tansy Rayner Roberts, John Chu, Jessica Lack, Meredith Debonnaire, and Isabel Yap have so many SUPER things in store, I can hardly wait!

Thank you Ana and Thea, for taking a chance on a very different superhero.