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2016: I Want To


They’re really not resolutions — they’re just things I want to do.


  1. Short stories: I want to write two new stories a month, at least. January always means the flash fiction challenge in my writing group, too, which will give me four new flash experiments by month’s end. I want to submit twice as much as I did last year, so doubling up the number of stories I produce should be a good start!
  2. Novels: The new book I started last year died after I read a novel that covered very similar ground. The perils of reading! But, there are still some solid bones in my book, and I want to explore them and see how they can be rearranged. I’ve also got a book that I’m revisiting. The draft is quite good, but not good enough; I don’t think I was in the right place to adequately handle everything I was putting on the page, and perhaps now I am. I want to revise this book and shoot it into the world (agent queries, most likely, because I can not get enough rejection).
  3. The Unknown: I’ve been publishing for fifteen years, and writing for longer than that. What haven’t I done? I don’t know, but I want to find out.


  1. Partner in crime and Shimmer, Beth, graciously gifted me with a six-month art course online, in which we plan to create something very pretty indeed. I want to loosen up and realize that art isn’t about perfection. Put something on a page, move it around, see what it does — this is how writing works! You can’t do anything with a blank page.
  2. I acquired some acrylic paints from a friend and have been enjoying them greatly. I want to continue to explore new supplies and new techniques. White gel pen? Sure!


  1. I want to head back to my gym and not hate every newbie in there. Hello, January. I see what you’re doing. I want to remember what it was like to be new there, and how kind the regulars were to me (and I guess I’m now a regular after four years…four years, holy crap).
  2. I want to be kind to myself when it comes to gym doings; this body has suffered some injuries and it’s hard to remember it’s not as young as it used to be ahem oh em gee. That I can run 5k in a body that still feels the effects of a broken femur is astounding. My time doesn’t have to be record.
  3. I want to give up sugar again. I did this for three months in 2015 and it was amazing and horrifying. It’s crazy hard, sugar is everywhere, but it’s also crazy possible. We sent a spaceship to Pluto and didn’t spoil Star Wars on Twitter, anything is possible.


  1. My goal for reading last year was 70 books (though ended up reading 82). Every year, I add to this number, so let’s say: I want to read 80 books in 2015. That sounds like a lot, and yet! (Note to self: you read a lot less in years when you are writing a book, so know that going in!)
  2. I want to read more diversely. In 2015, I read 10 books by non-white authors, and I want to improve that number in 2016.
  3. I want to keep track of short stories I read but ahahaaaa. This feels daunting — maybe because there’s nowhere like Goodreads set up to easily maintain a list. I love spreadsheets, however, so!


  1. I want to use my time more conscientiously.
  2. I want to stop giving to those who only take from me.
  3. I want to get to the downtown library so I can upgrade my library card and have access to an even bigger e-book collection.
  4. I want to do LetterMo in February.
  5. I want to attend the chocolate exhibit at the museum.
  6. I want to get my bike fixed once and for all.
  7. I want to keep showing up and doing the work, even if no one else notices. I notice.
  8. I want to get over this Martian Death Flu.
  9. I want to stop loading everything with “super.”

Super-happy new year!

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