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Never Just Us

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The universe is a pretty big place. It’s bigger than anything anyone has ever dreamed of before. So if it’s just us… seems like an awful waste of space. -Ellie Arroway, Contact


As I pondered writing about my book birthday (oh frabjous day!), I realized there was a lot more going on here than just me, me, me, and Anubis. I find myself in the company of many remarkable writers (and editors), all of whom have touched my own writing in some way even if they don’t realize it.

The Girl in the Road by Monica Byrne is totally a story I need to read as I start writing my next book about women and journeys and the world. I met Monica through her short fiction, and had the pleasure of running “Five Letters from New Laverne” in Shimmer #14.

J. Kathleen Cheney and I traded draft reads — I read The Golden City and she read Rings of Anubis, and now she has committed Book #2 in her series, The Seat of Magic. Jaime Lee Moyer, who read an early draft of Watermark (that’s coming next month from Masque and I’ll tell you about that one later! :D) has the second book in HER series out now, too, A Barricade in Hell. Both series are smack in the middle of my wheelhouse: intoxicating historical fantasy.

Some books I’m excited for don’t hit until the end of this year and early next, but I’m including them anyhow, because ANARCHY! Ticker (December) is a steampunk adventure from the caketacular Lisa Mantchev, who I got to meet by working on Shimmer. And Dearest (February) is the next Woodcutter Sisters book from Alethea Kontis — if you ever need a princess, look no further! The indomitable Fran Wilde also has a book coming next year, Bone Arrow. I love that title so much!

Coming in September, there’s Flex from Ferrett Steinmetz (another Shimmer alum!), which I got to read in draft. I’m eager to see the final version. Patrick Swenson, who I got to work with on a story he published in his Talebones, has the science-fictional The Ultra Thin Man coming next week!

And also today? The second book in Sunny Moraine‘s Casting the Bones trilogy, Ravenfall! Sunny is another writer I got to meet through working on Shimmer — I tell you what, Shimmer brings all the cool kids to the yard, and they’ve brought their best stories with them.

If I stopped to think about all the talent here, I would shake right out of my shoes and declare myself unworthy. I am constantly humbled by the company I keep, and glad it’s not just me in this big book universe. It’s all of us, creating amazing worlds in an effort to add some light to this one.

SO! In light of it being Rings of Anubis day, here are some links to get you properly started:

Masque Books are doing a ten-copy giveaway on Goodreads (US only).

Where can you buy a copy? You’re fabulous for asking! You can find Rings of Anubis at all the usual suspects, and quite possibly at your favorite indie bookstore:

Barnes & Noble Booksellers | Amazon
The Tattered Cover Bookstore | Boulder Book Store | Powell’s Bookstore

I am on Typing With Wet Nails with Ten Questions right now! Tomorrow, I’ll be on My Favorite Bit, and next week, I’m at The Big Idea. Everything’s coming up Anubis!

I am pretty sure — though it may require More Science — that second only to receiving boxes of your own books are seeing friends post pictures of your book in their hands (or with their puppies!). Thank you so much, you awesome freaking people.


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  • Anna Bowling August 6, 2014, 9:14 am

    Happy release day to you, Eleanor and Virgil! This is an auspicious day for all.

  • J. Kathleen Cheney August 6, 2014, 2:27 pm

    So today is the -official- day? Happy Book Day, then!

    • Elise August 6, 2014, 3:15 pm

      Officially official! 😀

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