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Before my website imploded and pulled most of itself into a great yawning abyss from which it would not be retrieved, I was running a treasure hunt. Maybe this collapse was the grand finale of that hunt — the clues having been unearthed and pieced back together, the ground swallowed everything else there was to be had, because it was no longer necessary.

In any case, I’m pleased to say we had one determined treasure seeker, who did ferret out the hints and assemble the clue:  The answer is in the blood. But what does it mean? With the August release of Silver & Steam, you’re closer to finding out! Jen, congrats on figuring out the riddle. A treasure chest full of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab imps will soon be on its way to you — hopefully opening it won’t unleash the mummy’s curse on you!

So now what? Being that my site did implode, and the clues are gone…what’s an author to do? Well stay tuned, because I’ll be having another giveaway for Silver & Steam, wherein you can win a copy of the book.

It lands in nine days!

In the meantime, you can find Gold & Glass (and other Masque titles!) on Weightless now! Huzzah!


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