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Old Things

If you are acquainted with my writing, you know I like old things. My stories and novels gravitate toward history — albeit sometimes history we haven’t written down yet.

Boris Karloff as The Mummy

There are two universes I like to play in: one is rooted in ancient Egypt, the other in the timeless fields of carnivals. My new Apex story, “The Three-tongued Mummy,” melds these together, into one gooey sandwich. If you aren’t acquainted with my writing, this story is a very good place to begin!

I have always wanted the circus to have a mummy (of course they should have a mummy!), and I knew it would be no ordinary mummy, but what would this mummy do? Who were they in history? It wasn’t enough to know that Jackson acquired the mummy and now possessed it; how did he learn about it? What year was it really?

Mostly, this story is me playing with two things I love dearly. It’s no ordinary mummy that Jackson possesses, nor does he have it for ordinary reasons. What would you pay to learn the secret of your death? What wouldn’t you pay to step backward in time?

In this story, I also pay tribute to two of my favorite writers. Mummy hunters Grey and Doyle might be familiar to you, reader — they exist in our world as Orrin Grey and Aidan Doyle, but I know for a fact that they are immortal, that they have always existed, that they have been hunting mummies down through the ages, though in this age they tell you stories about other monsters.

And sometimes bears.

And other times skeletons.

Go meet the three-tongued mummy already!