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The Honey Mummy, Release Day


by Ravven

Callooh! Callay! It’s The Honey Mummy release day!

If you preordered the ebook, it should be in your device whispering “open, open, open!” Isn’t the future amazing?

If you waited for the paper version, scamper over to Amazon and get yourself a copy! (As of this post, waiting for mothership Amazon to update, c’mon mothership…) Aren’t paper books gorgeous? My thanks to Jacob Haddon and Ravven for making this one so impossibly pretty.

And if you haven’t started the adventures yet (this is adventure number three), it’s never too late to start.


The working title of this book was Moon & Meteor. I knew I wanted to work with meteorites, and stars, and space (the final frontier, or is it?) and then in the course of my research discovered there was a lunar eclipse on December 22, 1889. Given that The Glass Falcon ended in November 1889, the gears in my brain did turn.

In the third Folley & Mallory adventure, I wanted a few specific things to happen: Eleanor had to be tempted by rings (zut alors!), Virgil had to be kidnapped (mon Dieu!), and we had to explore the tension between Cleo and Auberon (mais bien sûr). Why was Auberon so surprised and fussy when he crossed paths with Cleo in Rings of Anubis? I knew why. Now you get to know why, too!

I also knew Anubis would return, wearing the rings Eleanor reclaimed for him in RoA. What would he think about Eleanor encountering another set of rings? What would she think? She believed her journey was over — she had solved the riddle of her mother’s disappearance, hadn’t she? — and she’s mistaken, in more than one way.

I wanted to deepen friendships and increase the stakes — even if our beloved adventurers weren’t entirely aware they were increasing… Dun, dun, dun!


Last week, Fran Wilde had me over to Book Bites, where I talked a little about honey, and share a recipe that might surprise you, because it’s savory and not sweet!

Add the book to your Goodreads lists — and take note: March 3-17, you can sign up for The Honey Mummy giveaway. We’re giving away three trade paperback copies of the book to US readers!

Dean E. S. Richard has some kind words about the book on Nerds of a Feather.

And all the cool kids are doing playlists, right, so here’s The Honey Mummy playlist, songs that kept me going over the course of the manuscript! Who doesn’t love a little Cat Power, really.


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