The Last Dance

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This is your sign-up thread to win GOLD & GLASS, my steampunk-fantasy-historical-romance mashup extravaganza! You want SILVER & STEAM, too? Okay, fine!

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I will draw using this Friday, December 27! Midnight EST? Midnight EST!

Here’s an excerpt to wet yer whistle. You do know how to whistle, right?

The Nuit gave a sudden jolt beneath their feet, as if she had been struck by something. Eleanor lurched into Virgil’s arms and they both fell against the window. For a moment, Virgil feared the glass would shatter, sending them spiraling to the distant earth below. But there came only the groan of the ship around them; the windows, made for such potential bumps, held. Virgil waited for an announcement from Gin, from Auberon, from someone. He could feel the Nuit trying to right herself, but the ship continued her downward trajectory. He didn’t have to look out the window to know they were closing in on the water that lapped the African coastline, but still saw the moonlight against that shore, licking and hungry.

“Eleanor, hold on.”

And then the rear cabin exploded in flame and glass as a host of fiery cannonballs careened inside.

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  1. Debra

    Whistle has been wetted. Count me in! Thank your friend /u/seane on reddit for spreading the word. It’s really hard to find steampunk literature these days.