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Award Season

My short fiction that was published in 2013 and is now eligible for All The Awards:

Wrought Out From Within Upon the Flesh, The Dark #2
The Sea Half-Held By Night, Dead North
Once November, Tales of Jack the Ripper
Artificial Nocturne, Beneath Ceaseless Skies
By the Book, Lamplight IV
Inventing Isaac, Gone Lawn
(R+D) / I = M, Clarkesworld
Jumbo Gumdrop Serenade, Daily Science Fiction
Grandmother of Ghosts, Electric Velocipede #26
Item 317, Daughters of Icarus, Pink Narcissus Press
Where She Slumbers Still, Innsmouth Free Press #12

It’s hard to pick a favorite among these; I love my zombie whale story, “The Sea Half-Held by Night,” but also “Once November,” for being a story I never expected to write, and both landed me in outstanding anthologies filled with authors I’ve really enjoyed coming to know. Both of those stories pushed me. So did “(R+D) /I=M,” even though I got to frolic across beloved Mars in that one again. Mars, Mars, Mars!

Novel length works:

Gold & Glass, 64k
Silver & Steam, 64k

Also for your consideration, Shimmer (editors Beth Wodzinski, E. Catherine Tobler). We published #16 and #17, including the following works (short stories, all):

Ordinary Souls, K.M. Szpara
Goodbye Mildred, Charlie Bookout
Opposable Thumbs, Greg Leunig
Word and Flesh, Dennis Y. Ginoza
The Revelation of Morgan Stern, Christie Yant
The Binding of Memories, Cate Gardner
The Death and Life of Bob, William Jablonsky
The Sky Whale, Rebecca Emanuelsen
Tasting of the Sea, A.C. Wise
Lighting the Candles, Laura Hinkle
Gemini in the House of Mars, Nicole M. Taylor
The Haunted Jalopy Races, M. Bennardo
In Light of Recent Events I Have Reconsidered the Wisdom of Your Space Elevator, Helena Bell
The Mostly True Story of Assman & Foxy, by Katherine Sparrow
How Bunny Came to Be, by A.C. Wise
The Moon Bears, by Sarah Brooks
Sincerely, Your Psychic, by Helena Bell
Out They Come, by Alex Dally MacFarlane
Love in the Time of Vivisection, by Sunny Moraine
Fishing, by Lavie Tidhar
98 Ianthe, by Robert N. Lee
The Desire of All Things, by Jordan Taylor
The Metaphor of the Lakes, by Yarrow Paisley
Romeo and Meatbox, by Alex Wilson
Like Feather, Like Bone, by Kristi DeMeester
Girl, With Coin, by Damien Angelica Walters
River, Dreaming, by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
The Fairy Godmother, by Kim Neville
We Were Never Alone in Space, by Carmen Maria Machado
The Herdsman of the Dead, by Ada Hoffmann

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