Just One


It's the time of the season, when we're supposed to shout to the rooftops about the splendid fictions we have published this past year. When we're supposed to vault ourselves into your hearts and into the ballot box for Major Awards (yes, I would love a leg lamp, thank you), be they fragile or otherwise.

I've published fourteen stories so far this year, but I'm only going to tell you about one. It's a novelette set in my traveling circus universe. It's called "Blow the Moon Out," and was published by Giganotosaurus in August 2015.

Lois Tilton says it's "a girls’ coming-of-age dark fantasy that reminds me a bit of Stephen King, except rather more weird."

Rather more weird than Stephen King? Awesome.

It's about girls and women discovering their freedom. Discovering the world of men seems to have but one use for them. It's about freedom of choice, and freedom of doing. It's about fear of Russians, of men, of bodies, of life. It's about jumping off cliffs and finding yourself in the stars.

And I hope if you haven't read it, you will do so now.