Run Away

In 2005, I sold the first of my circus stories, "Vanishing Act," to SciFiction, edited by Ellen Datlow. It was a dream come true in many ways. It was the most money I'd ever been paid for fiction, and selling to Ellen was absolutely a bucket list item.

Now, in 2020, a bundle of circus stories are being published as a collection. It's my first collection of any kind! I've been publishing for twenty years, and my fiction has never been collected before, it's true. But this June, The Grand Tour arrives from Apex Book Company!

The Grand Tour takes you on just that, a tour across time and the world, because my traveling circus isn't ordinary in any way. Naturally they travel through time! On a train! Of course! In this collection, you'll get to meet Jackson, the strange man who leads the circus, and you'll get to meet the train, which is sometimes also a lady. You will cross paths with the Weird Sisters, with conjoined twins, and also arrive at the end of the world. There's also a dog or two or three, because who doesn't love a pupper?

Artwork by Rolando Cyril, design by Mikio Murakami

The Grand Tour is up for preorder everywhere! I hope you'll grab a copy or two, because running away to the circus is the best thing you can do right now. From the safety of your own home. #StayHome

Apex | Kindle | Nook | Kobo | Play | Trade Paperback @Amazon (soon!)

When you buy at Apex, you've got the opportunity to bundle The Grand Tour with The Kraken Sea. The Kraken Sea tells Jackson's origin story, and got a star from Publisher's Weekly!

Artwork by Magdalena Pagowska