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How Do I Book?

250_bigfinal_GG_Anubis1_ETobler_CovArtReading didn’t used to be complicated, and it’s probably still not when you get right down to it, but!

I talked to my father over the weekend and while he was excited about the release of Gold & Glass into the wild, he couldn’t figure out how to get a copy, because it doesn’t exist in paper. Paper is self-explanatory, but these newfangled technologies can be tricksey.

“I don’t have a Kindle,” he said.

Lo, reader, panic not! Do you have the free Kindle app?

Yea, verily, upon my iPad!

The Kindle app is a pretty cool thing, which allows you to turn nearly any device – be it phone, computer, or tablet – into a book. If you love books the way I love books, that’s a kind of magic. I wasn’t too keen on ereaders at first (and I still dearly love paper books) but now, the idea of carrying a ton of books with me wherever I go…pretty intoxicating. I can read anything, anywhere!

So, your phone can be a Kindle! And your iPad! And your whatever! I have the Kindle app on my Nexus 7. I also like the books from Google Play – which is another option for your Android devices.

Even your desk/laptop can be a Kindle with the app, so if you’ve despaired because Gold & Glass is “only” an ebook, despair no more. If you can read this blog post, you can read my book! (And the soon to come sequel, Silver & Steam.)

All the Kindle apps you could ever want are here.
All the Nook apps you could ever want are here.


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  • Sean Markey July 31, 2013, 11:02 am


    Also, can I have your Nexus 7? Those things are LEGIT.

    Double also, kindle is available as a browser (cloud reader), so even if you are technology poor, even if you must access your internets from internet explorer… there’s a kindle app for that! 😉