Older, No More Wise

Over the weekend, I got a little older than I'd been before (no more wise, however). Fortunately it happens over the course of a year and not entirely overnight. It was, by all accounts, an amazing weekend. My life overflows with a lot of outstanding people who don't know any limit to their generosity - and now that I've gotten the paid announcements out of the way...

sword+mythosTwo other fabulous things happened over the weekend. Silvia Moreno-Garcia revealed the work she's been doing on the cover of Sword & Mythos - look how gorgeous! I am eager to get my mitts on the entire book, because knowing Silvia, she's rounded up a lot of unique stories for it. That cover also defies tradition in wonderful ways.

The other fabulous thing? GOLD & GLASS got its first review - and it's totally not from my mother! I know, I know, that's crazytalk, but it's true. Thank you, James "I was so engrossed by the last hundred pages that I was shocked when I got to the end" Gathright!

SILVER & STEAM arrives in...three days? How is that even possible? Leave a comment on this post, a comment about anything (though comments comparing my eyes to vorpal blades shall be pitched into the bin), and you will be entered in my drawing to win a copy of the book! (Winner will be chosen with random.org, or I'll drop the Shimmer badgers into the pit and let them wrestle over numbers. I'm certain Beth will let me use them for that.)

Comment, drawing, free book! Woo! I will draw from all comments on August 13!


This is actually and completely and entirely and other averbs not my fault. This is the fault of the muse, who is rarely up to any good. But still. Go listen: Eagles of Death Metal, "Chasing the Devil." Alternately, if your fifteen year old emo Goth girl needs unleashing, there's "Secret," from The Birthday Massacre. Alternately the third, if you want to get your space disco on, there's "Spacer," by Sheila and Black Devotion. They're all rather beyond words.

10 thoughts on “Older, No More Wise

  1. DES Richard says:

    Congrats on all that! Who says you're no more wise? Maybe you know everything, level 80 wisdom or something.

    And one of these days I PROMISE I'll write a review.

  2. Mihai A. says:

    Belated Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come true and may you live long and always happy! 🙂
    That is a very nice cover, but I was expecting as much. Silvia Moreno-Garcia is not only a talented writer, but she does wonders with her edited books and with Innsmouth Free Press. I am looking forward to read this one, but also her upcoming collection of stories. I also am looking forward to read "Gold & Glass" since I recently bought a copy of it. Congratulations for the first review and for the upcoming release "Silver & Steam"! Keep all these goodies coming. 😉

  3. Please enter me in your drawing! I'm looking forward to Book 2.

  4. Jen says:

    It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday, which is what you deserve. :3

    That anthology looks really nice, too. I'll have to keep my eye out for it!

    And congratulations on the arrival of book 2!

  5. Lisa says:

    Birthdays are like writing on the sand. Hopefully they don't leave a mark for long! I just finished the first Anubis book, and I'm eager for the next!

  6. Liz Argall says:

    Hopefully the image came through. I read the word drawing and I interpreted it entirely the wrong way. On the plus side this competition has inspired a future Things update!

  7. Liz Argall says:

    It appears my HTML is shoddy, here is a non-embedded image link http://www.thingswithout.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/20130804-171258.jpg

  8. Elise says:

    SO cool! 😀 Extra points!!

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