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sunset, 11/9/2016

sunset, 11/9/2016

They say to keep writing. Keep writing, they say!

I couldn’t write today, not until right now, as I’m putting these words down. Will I press “publish”? It’s a very good question.

Today, I made a post on Facebook where I asked those who voted for DJT to unfollow me. (I dislike FB a great deal; mostly, it looks like people shouting at each other, and I can never find who I want to read without actually searching for them. The discovery of Pantsuit Nation was such a relief from the screaming, I can hardly tell you, thank you, JG.)

A dear and longtime friend was upset by my post. We rarely talk politics because we sit on highly opposite sides of nearly all subjects therein. But she noted that she’d stood by me, after I voted for Obama twice, and it got me to thinking.

Yes, I disagree with DJT’s politics, but more than that, I disagree with him as a human. DJT fails at humanity. He is not a good person. Politics aside, compare DJT and Clinton. Compare DJT and Obama. Good person. Terrible person.

If you voted for DJT, you voted for a racist.

If you voted for DJT, you voted for a sexist.

If you voted for DJT, you voted for a misogynist.

If you voted for DJT, you voted for a xenophobe.

If you voted for DJT, you voted for a man the KKK endorsed.

If you voted for DJT, you voted for a man who believes climate change is a Chinese hoax.

If you voted for DJT, you voted for a man who will jeopardize the lives of women and LGBT persons across this nation.

If you voted for DJT, you voted for a man who will deport countless people.

If you voted for DJT, you voted for a man who will seek to imprison his challenger.

I didn’t want to vote for him, she said. But she did. And every vote counts.

The chances are, your family immigrated to this country from somewhere else — and America said yes, welcome, come, thrive. What do you suppose it will say now? Give us your huddled masses, oh except those, and those, and definitely those.

Politics aside, I believe Obama is a good man. Yes, I voted for him twice and would do so again. I believe he did amazing work for our country — amazing work that will now be stripped as if it never existed. Only it did, and millions will suffer without the benefits he brought.

Politics aside, I believe HRC is a good woman, the most qualified person we have ever seen run for president in the modern age. I was surprised at how inspired I was to watch her, because I remember sneering at her Alice in Wonderland headband during Bill’s first run, and thinking oh goodness no, but what a remarkable woman — beyond her goddamn headband.

Politics aside, I believe DJT is a terrible person. And that is why I question those who voted for him, even friends and family. Maybe especially friends and family.





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  • James November 11, 2016, 4:42 pm

    Well said Elise. I can add to it. As a cancer patient insured by the Affordable Care Act, I felt like the whole country voted to give me 100 days to live. I have very close relatives and friends that voted for him, and they seem to believe he won’t *really* do anything. They actually base their trust on the fact that he’s a known liar. I will hold their feet to the fire on this, and if this causes me to suffer I will keep them there for every moment and find them that they did this.

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