The Year Behind Us

Francesca Woodman

It's one of those years where the less said the better? It's one of those years you'd never believe unless you lived through it? It's one of those years.

What did I publish this year? Some good things, if you ask this writer. But what does this writer know -- she can't sell a collection to save her life. It's one of those years. She said forever.

2016 original short fiction:
The Abduction of Europa, Clarkesworld (January)
Andromeda of the Skies, Interzone #263 (March-April)
The Indigo Mantis, The Book Smugglers (May)
Cloud Dweller, Beneath Ceaseless Skies (May)
.identity, Clarkesworld (June)
Ebb Stung By the Flow, Beneath Ceaseless Skies (July)
The Living, Vengeant Stars – Swords vs. Cthulhu (August)
In the Otherwise Dark, Three Lobed Burning Eye (Octobler)
Every Winter, Apex Magazine (November)

Novella length fiction:
The Kraken Sea, Apex Book Company (June)

Novel length fiction:
The Honey Mummy, Folley & Mallory #3, Apokrupha

Splitskin, Transcendent
Lockbox, Great Jones Street, Wilde Stories 2016
A Box, a Pocket, a Spaceman, Great Jones Street

Shimmer Magazine, Issues 29 - 34

Do I have favorites? Oh, certainly.

You should have favorites, too. What were they?






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  1. Tempest says:

    The Folley and Mallory . . . loved that . . . hoping for more (she wrote with longing in her voice).

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