A Map to the Fairy Lands

300)Watermark-Cover.jpegWhen preparing to embark upon a journey through fairy woods and lakes, it's important to remember who you are and where you are going.

One little distraction can lead you astray, and what then?

What should you do when you encounter the fairy hordes? (Running and screaming might effective, but then again they may just join you.)

What should you do when they offer you enchanted cake? (That cake isn't enchanted, go on and eat it, everything's gonna be all right.)

As you go deeper into the woods, you may well encounter the Mushroom Queen. If you feed her bits of bread, she may conduct you safely over to the fairy lands, but that doesn't mean you're safe.

As you wander the fairy lands, you'll no doubt encounter the Kissing Queen, who may want more than bread. She may want your very breath with which to sew her new autumn gown.

Where the path forks, you have more than two decisions -- every step is a decision, this way or that way; going deeper or running away. Should your path cross that of the Story Queen, be calm, and spin your own story so that she might be calmed in return.

You will grow hungry on your journey, so approach the Catering Queen with care. She will lay before you a table you've never quite imagined -- every food is sweeter than cake, isn't it? It is the feast of your childhood, everything you thought you lost, but which remains within you still.

Follow the fairy tracks "safely" to the other side, through all the fairy places, until you find a place that's entirely your own, where seemingly none have stepped before. But what's that still lake in the distance? Is it a gentle nose of a fish that breaks the surface, or something else entirely...

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