Fairy Tracks

One of the most important things any author does is make a playlist. It must be second only to making a Pinboard (though back in MY day when we walked up hill to school both ways in the snow and fought the fairy hordes, we glued magazine photos in composition notebooks)...

A playlist is one of the many ways we find inspiration within procrastination, oh yes! For Watermark, I needed songs about water and overly strange girls, about hauntings and amnesia, and I found those by the bucket full.

And now you can partake!

300)Watermark-Cover.jpegWhile you listen to fairy tracks, peruse my magnificent Watermark Pinboard and check out these exclusive excerpts across the web:

Gotta get 'em all! (Pokemon are like fairies, right?) Eat all the fairy cake!

If you would like to enter the giveaway to win your very own copy of Watermark (mobi or epub), do be sure to explore Fairy Places, and leave a note about your favorite kind of fairy.

They'll know if you don't come...

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